Setting up your USB slider for PC. These sliders should be shipped ready to go, but sometimes can be in the wrong “Mode”. Please follow the steps below to setup your slider.

  1. Plug the slider into an available USB port on your PC.

  2. A green light should indicate that the slider is on and the hardware should be detected and installed automatically by Windows.

  3. To test, open NotePad, click and place your cursor in the new document, then slide a credit card.

  4. If you see numbers and symbols populate in the document then the install is complete (If not see below). Click HERE for guide to running a credit card sale.

If no number displayed.

As mentioned above, sometimes the slider is shipped in the wrong mode. The slider needs to be switched from HID mode to Keyboard Emulation Mode. Follow the steps below to make this switch.

  1. Download a small program from MagTek. Click here: Click the red “Download” link in the bottom left corner.

  2. Install this program. During the install check “No, do not install source code”.

  3. Once installed, open the program if it did not automatically open.

  4. Click “Load File” in the yellow section of the program and select “Change to keyboard.txt” from the list.

  5. Now click the yellow “Download” button. This should make the changes to the slider, you may hear a beep or see a light color change.

  6. It may take a couple minutes for your device to refresh. Windows may pop up an alert that it detected new hardware. You will should see in the bottom left corner of the program a message “Detected Keyboard Mode Device”.

  7. Mode is now switched and you can test by opening NotePad and sliding a Credit Card to the document.

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