The Sales By Product Report is a particularly useful tool for consignment/retail hybrid operations. This report gives sales information exclusively on the SKUs in your system that are labeled as 'Store Inventory,' not consigned items. 

In particular, the report will give a quick outlook on your retail sales to measure their profitability by giving you a gross, cost, and net total. This can be useful to measure the frequency and quantity of retail products being sold to measure their profit over any given period of time.

To run a Sales By Product Report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Sales By Product Report

  2. Select a date range from the date picker that you would like to have reported. This will populate the screen with all sales data for store inventory during that period.

  3. You can see more detail on each item by clicking them individually or by the Expand All function.

  4. Additionally, you can either print this list or export it as a .csv for your preferred spreadsheet tool.

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