Ricochet features integrated billing for all accounts. When you activate your trial, this begins your first billing cycle. Users are charged every month (every year for annual subscriptions).

In the following areas, you can update your billing information and change plans if desired.

If you encounter an "OTS Error" the most likely reason is that the session has expired. This is a simple security check. To resolve this, Log Out and Log Back in to reestablish the OTS Token.

To update your billing information:

  1. Navigate to Preferences>Admin>Account & Billing

This page gives you an overview of your billing information. You can see the current plan your subscribed to, how much and when your card will be charged. Accounts in Ricochet are charged around every billing cycle.

2. Click on "Update Plan & Billing Information" in the top right corner.

Here you can enter all your update billing information. You can also change your plan if desired. If you have enjoyed your experience with Ricochet and want to save some money, you can switch from monthly to annual billing here as well.

3. Once you have entered all your new billing information, click "Save"

Ricochet will attempt to charge your card on the next billing date (or the next night, if overdue). If the card declines or has an error, a banner will appear requesting you update your information.

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