While we are sad that have decided to close your account with Ricochet, we are thankful for working with us and hope you find the perfect solution for wherever your endeavors may take you.

Here's how to securely close your account with Ricochet:

  1. Navigate to Preferences>Admin>Account & Billing

  2. Click on "Cancel Account"

A modal will appear where you can confirm the cancellation of your account. Click in to the text box and type the word DELETE in all caps.

You may then click the red "Close My Account"

This will officially begin the process of closing your account. Our team gets an alert and manually archives the data at the end of your billing cycle.

Our staff will likely reach out to you just to clarify a few things: get some feedback on your experience with Ricochet, make sure you understand how to export all your data, and a few other closing details to make the process as smooth as possible.

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