Commission splits are the foundation of the resale world. This is where you designate how you want the sales of items split between your store and your consignors.

The software only starts with a 100% Store split for retail or non-consigned inventory. You can create as many commission splits for as many reasons as you would like.

You may want a commission split based on the general value of an item. Cheaper items favoring your store, and more expensive items favoring your consignors.

Or perhaps you want to give a larger commission split to your consignors for certain types of products such as dining room furniture, since you know those items sell quickly and regularly.

You can name your splits however fits your situation best.

To set up and manage your store's commission splits:

  1. Click Preferences > Admin from the primary navigation.

  2. Click the "Commission Splits" tab.

  3. You can create or delete Commission Splits using the yellow + and red x icons.

  4. Enter the name of the split, and the Consignor or Store split percentage between (0-100). The software will automatically update the corresponding split to equal 100%.

  5. Click “Save”.

If you delete a split that is attached to items already, a pop up menu will appear that says “Split is used!!” and will ask you to assign a new split to those items. 

You can assign a new split for those items and move them all if desired.

If you delete a split without assigning a replacement, all relevant products will default to store inventory (100% store split).

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