Item fees are additional fees added to the price item that are not shared with the consignor. These fees are covered by the buyer and are retained by the store.

Item fees are set up using lowest dollar-amount threshold.

So a $.25 fee with a threshold of $10.00 will charge an additional $.25 to all items sold for $10.00 or more, not less.

If a $.50 is then added with a threshold of $100.00, all items between $10.00 and $99.99 will be charged a $.25 fee and all items $100.00 or above get feed $.50. They do not stack.

Fees can also be percentage or a fixed cost. Each threshold, can have one or the other, but not both.

To create and manage Item Fees:

  1. Click Preferences > Product from the main navigation menu.
  2. Navigate to the "Item Fees" tab.
  3. You can add or delete item fees using the yellow + and the red x icons.
  4. Next to each item fee, enter the lowest price threshold and the desired fee.
  5. Choose Fixed Fee or Percentage
  6. Click "Save."

You can add as many item fees as you would like, but you cannot create multiple item fee structures. So if your store has item fees, it applies to all items with the "Item Fee" toggle turned on when editing or creating new products.

If you want to exempt specific items from your item fees (such as luxury items or jewelry) you can do so when editing any individual product.

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