In Ricochet, employees of your store are called Users, and there are 4 different types of user roles built in.

Admin: Have full access to everything within the software. They can add and delete users, inventory, consignors, customers, change settings, and much more. This role is generally used by the business owner or partners.

Manager: Managers have access to change and manage everything in the software that has to do with your inventory, consignors, and customers, but they cannot change most settings and preferences.

Employee A or B: Both employee roles have limited access to basic, everyday functions such as the POS and adding or editing consignors, customers, and inventory. They cannot change most of the deeper-level items such as attributes or item fees.

There are two employee roles to help distinguish responsibilities if necessary. For example, if your store has a private contractor that solely enters and manages inventory, you can create them an account and limit their access to just the components of the software they need to be successful.

*All user roles can be customized within the User Roles section of the preferences panel.

To create and edit Users:

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Users.

  2. Select “New User” from the primary menu.

  3. Enter as much relevant information as possible.

  4. Select the appropriate user role.

  5. Have the user enter and confirm their password.

  6. Click “Save”.

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