There are two ways to print tags in Ricochet.

  1. From a consignor's inventory.

  2. From the store's inventory.

You can use either one depending on your needs. If you enter in a bunch of inventory for a recent consignor, you can print off all of their labels quickly. Or if you find that a tag has been damaged on an individual product, you can search for it and quickly print off a new tag as needed.

Either way, make sure you have correctly installed your label printer before doing the following.

To print labels:

  1. Navigate to either an individual consignor’s inventory list or to the global inventory list.

  2. Find the products you need and check the selection boxes for any items you wish to print labels for. This will include variants of a product if there are any.

  3. Click the “Print Labels” button from the menu.

  4. In the print preview, you can select your label size, uncheck any products you don't want printed, and change the quantity you wish to print.

  5. Ricochet will automatically assume you want to print a label for every product. So if you have 5 socks in stock, it will default to a quantity of 5 labels.

  6. Verify that the print preview shows the items you are wishing to print. Click the “Print” button on the dialog box that pops up.

  7. On the browser printing popup, select the label printer from your printer list if necessary and then click “Print."

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