Within Ricochet are two ways to conduct payouts to your consignors:

  1. Individual/Manual Payouts

  2. Bulk Payouts

The key benefit with individual payouts is that you can conduct them whenever you want, for as many or few consignors as you need. A use case example is if you have a prominent consignor that is going out of town and would like to request getting paid out ahead of the normal schedule.

When posting an individual payout, it will remove any funds due from their account and therefore remove them from the next Bulk Payout you conduct. That way you don't have to remember that you paid that individual separately and account for that in your normal routine.

To conduct a manual payout:

  1. Navigate to Accounts and then Consignors in the primary navigation.

  2. Search for and find the consignor you would like to pay.

  3. Next to their account information click the gray 'Edit' button.

  4. Click the third tab over titled "Payout."

  5. No need to check any boxes if you are paying for all items. However, you can check the check boxes of single items you wish to payout for.

  6. Continue to conduct the payout as normal to your accounting practices whether you use Quickbooks, print checks directly from Ricochet, or just print the list and post the payout.

  7. You will then see a prompt asking 'Post the Payments.' Selecting 'Yes' will post the payments and mark all items listed as 'Paid.' Selecting 'No' will not post the payments and return you to edit page.

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