The Sales Detail Report is our most widely used report and likely provides the most important information for your business. Within the Sales Detail Report, you get important measurements such as the different tenders used and their totals, a general sales breakdown including taxes, layaway, shipping, and returns, any store costs recorded, and discounts or other miscellaneous sales measurements.

You can also void and edit sales from this report. This is particularly useful if you need to rectify sort of error in the sales process.

To run a Sales Detail Report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Sales Detail Report

  2. Select the date range to wish to view the report for from the date picker. This will populate all of the fields with their appropriate numbers automatically.

  3. A list of all the sales, items per sale and tender types will appear. A summary will also appear at the bottom of this list.

  4. All items can be expanded by clicking on them individually or using the Expand All function.

  5. From there you can select individual sales to void or edit, print the entire list, or export all of the information into a .csv for your preferred spreadsheet tool.

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