The Sales Summary Report is similar to the Sales Detail Report but more focused on giving your a quick overview on the major sales measurements your consignment store needs to see.

This includes things such as tender totals, sales totals, as well as any costs you have such as consignor payouts, taxes, rewards, etc.

Using this report regularly and tracking your store's performance can give you important insights into the health of your operation by measuring your profitability, the average costs per product, the impact of item fees, and much more.

To run a Sales Summary Report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Sales Summary Report

  2. Enter the date range for the period of time you would like reported from the date picker. This will automatically populate the entire sheet with data from that period.

  3. From there you can analyze the information as-is, print the list directly, or export the information as a .csv to use in your preferred spreadsheet tool.

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