The Item Aging Report is a very useful tool when monitoring your inventory. It will show you what items have expired on their contracts or going to expire in the next 7 days.

Unlike other reports in Ricochet, this report does not have a date picker. Rather, it automatically pulls items expired in the past 30 says and upcoming 7 days. So if an item remains expired for longer than 30 days, it will no longer appear on this list. It just remains in your inventory as-is until it's sold.

We recommend checking this report every week or so to get a clear outlook on what items are going to expire, that way you can prepare any notifications to the consignor, individually discount items, or move them to a different part of the store to hopefully drive a sale.

Keep in mind, that items expire based on the expiry period chosen in your store preferences. You can edit those in the Auto Discounts/Expiration tool.

To run an Item Aging Report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Aging Report

  2. Because their is no date picker, the list will automatically populate. If there is no data, there are no items expiring.

  3. From here, you can print the list or export it as a .csv to use in your preferred spreadsheet tool.

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