2021 ALERT

An issue with recent Mac updates has resulted in labels not printing, or not showing, the correct label sizes from Mac computers on Google Chrome & Opera browsers. We have discovered a print label workaround:

After selecting Print Labels you should see your browsers print preview window,

  1. Select More Settings

  2. Select Print using system dialog

    1. Make sure DYMO is selected (first drop down field)

    2. Next, select Paper Size

    3. Scroll to 11354 Multi-Purpose (this will be toward the top), hover over this

      Choose 30334 label from the flyout list.

  3. Once selected, you can then select presets (second dropdown field)

    1. Save this preset so as not to have to go through the steps each time.

  4. Click Print from that menu.

NOTE* You will need to click the print system dialogue option and get to that menu to print until this issue is resolved between Apple and the browser updates.

For installing the DYMO 450 on your MAC computer, please review the videos below:

DYMO MAC Driver Install:


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