Please review the videos and/or step by step guide below for installing the DYMO 450 on your Windows PC:

DYMO Driver Install:

DYMO Setup:

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Downloaded printer drivers HERE. Leave printer disconnected from PC until drivers are installed, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install.
  2. Make sure you have loaded the correct labels into the printer.  2.25in x 1.25in DYMO compatible labels #30334.
  3. Go to Devices and Printers, locate the Dymo Printer from the list of printers installed, Right click the printer and select “Printer Properties”.
  4. Click the “Preferences” button from the bottom of the screen.
  5. Next click the “Advanced” button. 
  6. From the Paper Size dropdown menu select 30334 2-1/4 in x 1-1/4 in and then click “OK”. 
  7. Click Ok on the next screen to return to the DYMO Properties screen.
  8. Now click the Advanced tab from the properties screen then choose “Printing Defaults”. 
  9. Follow steps 5,6, and 7 once again to set these as system defaults on these similar looking screens.
  10. Click Apply and Ok on all applicable screens.
  11. Open Google Chrome web browser. Test your printer is setup by going to your inventory, click a check box next to a item, then click “Print” from the left side menu.
  12. Click “Print” on the label preview dialog.
  13. Verify the following settings:
  14. Click “Print”
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