Setting up a printer on the MAC may require you to have admin access to the MAC or the main user account for the MAC. Your printer should be loaded with 3 1/8in (80mm) thermal receipt paper. This is the standard size. Note: During setup you will be selecting 72mm in settings, this is ok as this is intended. Please review the videos and/or the step by step guide below:

STAR TSP100 Series Driver Install:

STAR TSP100 MAC Setup:

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Do not plug the printer into the computer yet. We will do this after driver installation.

  2. Install the latest Star printer drivers from: HERE. From the first dropdown, “Product Type” select STAR TSP100 Future PRNT.

  3. Once you have selected your printer, towards the bottom of the page you will see a list of downloads to choose from. The best option is located in the “Recommended:” section as its the smallest download size.

  4. Once downloaded, the download will show up in your downloads folder. Double click this file, on the next screen double click the “Drivers” folder. Then finally open the “Starcupsdrv-3.X.X.pkg” file. This will open the Star Printer installer, go ahead and click “Install”.

  5. Once installed go ahead and plug the printer into the wall and into the MAC. The printer should now show up on the list of printers in the Pinters and Scanners section of System Preferences.

  6. To adjust the printer paper size and settings we will be accessing the CUPS interface. Open your web browser and go to: http://localhost:631. Note: If you receive this message: The web interface is currently disabled. Run “cupsctl WebInterface=yes” to enable it. then you will need to enable through the system terminal. Go to: Finder -> Applications -> Select the Utilities folder from the list, -> select Terminal from the next list. Once open copy/paste or enter the following: cupsctl WebInterface=yes then hit the enter key. Close the terminal, you should be be able to get to http://localhost:631.

  7. Select “Printers” from the far right of the navigation menu. 

  8. Find the Star Printer on the list then click the hyperlink.

  9. Click the “Administration” dropdown menu.  Click “Set Deafult Options” from the list.

  10. In the general section for Media Size select 72mm X 2000mm. Click Set Default Options button.

  11. Now click “Cut Options” from the top list of links. Set both the “Page Cut Type” and the “Document Cut Type” to Partial Cut. Click Set Default Option button.

  12. When printing a receipt, be sure you are using the Chrome Web Browser and ensure the options on the print preview are as follow: Layout = Portrait, Paper Size = 72mm X 2000mm, Margins = Deafult, under the more options drop down both Background Graphics and Print headers and footer are Un-Checked.

  13. Click Print.

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