Setup your TSC TDP-247 on a Windows PC. There will be a few different sections of the printer’s properties that will have repeated steps. This was done using the TSC printer but the steps will be the same or similar for Zebra 2844 printers.

  1. Install your printer using the provided CD or downloaded drivers.

  2. Once installed, locate the TSC TDP-247 printer from your “Devices and Printers” list. Devices and Printers can be found by using the Windows search tool or from control panel -> hardware.

  3. Right click the TSC printer and then select “Printer Preferences”.

  4. From the Page Setup tab, click the “New” button located in the Stock section of this dialog screen.

  5. A new dialog will appear, add a name for your new tag, change the width to 2.25 in, change the height to 1.25 in. Exposed liner width should be Left: 0.00 in and Right 0.00. Click  “Ok”.

  6. Back in the printing preferences screen select under “Orientation” Portrait 180.

  7. You can now click “Apply” then “Ok” and will be returned to your list of printers.

  8. Once again, right click the TSC printer. This time select “Printer Properties”.

  9. Click the “Advanced Tab”.

  10. Now click “Printing Defaults” located on the bottom left of this dialog.

  11. The Printing Defaults screen will look similar to the screen from the previous steps. From the “Stock” section select your new tag from the drop down menu. The again select “Portrait 180” from Orientation.

  12. Now when printing from the software make sure you select the tag printer from the printer list on the print dialog screen.

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