USB scan guns are typically Plug-and-Play with little to no setup necessary.

  1. Plug the scan gun into an available USB port.

  2. An “Installing New Hardware” pop-up may appear in the middle or lower corner of your screen.

  3. Once finished installing, the scan gun is ready to use.

  4. At the POS, immediately scan a Ricochet bar code or UPC to add a product. NOTE: You do not need to click into the search field to scan. You can scan an item with a scanner at any point and it will be automatically added.

Troubleshooting a USB Scan Gun:

  • Close Ricochet > Reopen to refresh > Reattempt.

  • Unplug USB and plug back in > scan the barcode in the owner's manual that says something like “Add an enter key (Carriage return/line feed).”

  • Close Ricochet > Reopen to refresh > Reattempt

  • If no luck, try a different USB port and repeat steps.

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