Voiding a sale will remove the sale from Ricochet, put all items back into stock, and update the item quantity. Voids can only be done by Administrators and are permanent.

*Note: Voiding a sale will not return funds back to any Credit Cards used on the sale. If a credit card was used then you will either need to issue a return instead of a VOID or manually return the funds through your merchant service gateway dashboard or third party device.

To Void a sale from Ricochet:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Sales Detail Report

  2. Find the sale you are looking to void. You can narrow down your options by using the date picker.

  3. Once you find the sale, click the gray edit icon to the right.

  4. A modal will pop up with the option to Void a sale.

  5. Click that red button and confirm your choice to void a sale.

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