Connecting Mailchimp with Ricochet is a powerful way to unlock your email marketing potential. There are lots of benefits, but most of all, it saves you lots of time.

To connect Mailchimp to Ricochet:

In Ricochet

  • Navigate to Preferences > Integrations > Mailchimp

  • You'll see a new box for an API key and List IDs. We'll get those from Mailchimp.

In Mailchimp

  • Log In to Mailchimp with your Mailchimp login credentials.

  • Go to the "Audience" section at the main menu. If you do not have an audience, create a new one and give it an appropriate name. This will act as a general collection of where all your consignors and customers in Ricochet go once connected.

  • Once you have a list created, click on the "Manage Audience" dropdown and select "Settings."

  • Scroll to the very bottom of that page, and your Audience ID will be listed. Copy your list ID.

In Ricochet

  • Paste the list ID into the appropriate List ID field in the Mailchimp Integrations tab.

  • Generally, we recommend you add the Audience ID to both the Consignor and Customer audience fields in Ricochet. You can choose to only use one of the fields if you would only like to market to your consignors, for example.

  • Go back to Mailchimp.

In Mailchimp

  • In the lower left-hand corner is your profile information. Click that area and select "P." This will take you to your global account settings.

  • From there, click "Extras" from the sub menu and select "API Keys."

  • Create an API key if you don't already have one. This is instant and does not cost anything.

  • Copy the generated API Key.

In Ricochet

  • Paste the API Key you just copied into the API Key field in the Mailchimp Integrations tab.

  • Click "Connect."

Best Practices
Because the API does not automatically add new consignors in real-time, it is our best suggestion to just click the blue "Sync" button prior to every time you're about to create a new campaign in Mailchimp.

Also, be aware that the API is a one-way key. So if a customer unsubscribes from your mailing list, please turn off the marketing function for that account in Ricochet as well.

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