Consignment is a unique industry in many ways. It has its own set of challenges and a very unique customer. But that's kind of why we love it. Here are our best tips and ideas to keep your email marketing top-notch.

  1. Use templates. While it sounds cheesy, Mailchimp's templates are excellent, and there is no better way to save time and resources than by hot-swapping out little details and leaving the major design elements up to the experts. Of course, you can always change anything you want, but their templates are nothing to scoff at.

  2. Stay timely. People's inboxes are a very special place. Treat them with respect and you'll be more effective. Nobody likes to receive monotonous emails every day. The same goes for emails twice a year. There's a delicate balance between being present and being annoying, try to hit that sweet spot for your customers.

  3. Have a variety of topics to talk about. Similar to being timely, keep things fresh with new content and promotions. Sending the same thing over and over again is a quick way to guarantee somebody to unsubscribe.

  4. Connect email to your social profiles. Are your customers more active with your store on Facebook? Maybe drive them to like your page where you can more frequently post new products and sales, rather than spam their inbox.

  5. Use strong calls to action. A good CTA is digital marketing 101. People are considerably more likely to take action on an email if you just tell them to. Add buttons to 'Shop Now,' 'See the Sale,' or 'Call Us,' depending on the content you're sending them.

A few email topic ideas:

  1. Seasonal Sales

  2. Monthly product highlights

  3. Consignor bonus opportunities

  4. Rewards opportunities

  5. Major company news

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