If you have built a robust and organized way to categorizing your products, the Sales By Category Report can be one of your most powerful tools. With this report, you can forecast sales, look at categorical trends, and find other important insights to your business.

We recommend checking in on this report periodically and also using the export function extensively with your preferred spreadsheet tool like Microsoft Excel to analyze trends and patterns.

The key to this report running well is having clear and consistent inventory organization using categories and subcategories. You can learn how to do that in our Categories article.

To run a Sales By Category Report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Sales By Category Report

  2. Select a date range from the calendar picker for the sales you would like to have reported. This will populate the report with all sales and their corresponding categories for that date range.

  3. You can either print or export this data into a .csv for your preferred spreadsheet tool, or just view it as-is on the the screen.

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