The Web Sales Report is crucial for any online operation. While your sales numbers from online sales are reported in the Sales Summary Report and the Sales Detail Report, the Web Sales Report separates that data, giving you a clear and concise picture of your online sales.

It also serves as the primary area where online purchases are cataloged. If a customer buys an item using your online store, you will get an email, but it will also show all orders on this report. It is a good habit to check this report mid-day everyday before mailing centers close, so you can fulfill any online orders as quickly as possible. Obviously, this all depends on your shipping policy.

Note that every line item in this report can be expanded to show crucial details to online sales such as customer name, shipping address, shipping method, and more.

To run a Web Sales Report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Web Sales Report

  2. Select a date range you wish to view this report for from the date picker. This will automatically populate the screen with all online sales from the date range.

  3. From there you can click into individual items, expand them all, print a list, or export the data into a .csv for your preferred spreadsheet tool.

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