One of the most important accounting functions in any retail environment is cash counting and balancing. Opening and closing registers gives stores the opportunity to account for any missing or withdrawn cash from the cash drawer to make sure the books are balanced.

Setting Up Register Preferences
Opening and closing registers is turned off by default. To change this setting and activate the open and close register function:

  1. Navigate to Preferences > Admin

  2. Click the "Registers" tab of that preference section.

  3. At the top is a toggle to turn on or off the functionality of registers. Make sure it is turned on, and click "Save."

Opening and Closing Registers
At the beginning of every business day, log in and open the register you are working on and count the cash in the cash drawer. When you navigate to the POS screen, the register you are currently using will automatically prompt you to enter the cash balance.

To check which register you are using, you can click the Register icon at the bottom of the primary navigation when view the POS. From there you can switch to any available register.

To close the register at the end of the day, navigate to the POS screen and click the Register icon at the bottom of your primary navigation menu. Select the register you are counting and click the green "Close Register" button.

Count the cash in the drawer and the value of any checks received for that day. Enter in those values in the dialogue box where appropriate. This will automatically do the math and show you the needed cash to balance the till.

Reporting and Recovering Till Information
If you ever want to find the cash balance data for any given day, that information can be retrieved in the Reports > Registers Closed Report. This list can be filtered by register and date to make it easier to find the report you are looking for.

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