The Ricochet Dashboard is your home center for your store. It explains simple and common metrics and measurements that help you get a deeper understanding of your store and where you can optimize processes.

The Dashboard can be found by clicking the "Home" icon from your main menu.

Store Summary

This is a basic visual showing the gross and net sales of your store. This gives you a simple understanding how much money you are making during any one day.

Hourly Sales

This chart will show your transaction quantities throughout the day.

Aged Inventory

The Aged Inventory graph is a common visual for understanding the ratio between consigned and store inventory for insurance reasons. It helps calculate the real-time value of everything in your store.


There are 6 different modules to configure within the Ricochet dashboard.

  • Store Stats

  • Consignment Stats

  • Daily Sales

  • Employee Performance

  • Top Consignors

  • Top Customers

To access the module customization, click the "Configure Dashboard" link on the lower right hand side of the dashboard.

They can all be arranged in any order you would like and show data according to the date picker of the dashboard.

Store Stats

Avg. Daily Revenue: Daily Net Sales / Amount of Days Selected

Avg. Items Sold Per Day:
Total Items Sold / Amount of Days Selected

Avg. Products Per Transaction:
Total Products Sold / Amount of Transactions During Time Period

Avg. Transactions Per Day:
Total # of Transactions / Number of Days Selected

Avg. Transaction Value:
Total Sales / # of Transactions

Net Sales / Cost

Consignment Stats

New Consigned Products: # of new consigned products

New Consignors: # of new consignors

Avg. New Products Per Consignor: # of new consigned products / # of new consignors

Avg. New Consigned Products Per Day: # of new consigned products / # of days selected

Sell Through Rate: # of consigned products sold / # of new consigned products

Sale Within Contract Rate: # of consigned products sold prior to auto discount / total number of consigned products sold

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