Every once in a while you may get a screen that looks like this:

This is a session expiration and is a standard security protocol. There are two general reasons why you'll get a "session expired" notification.

1. Idle time.

On all of our desktop or laptop setups, a session is designed to expire after 2 hours of inactivity. So if you have a slow day, or have a computer that you aren't using often, this is pretty normal. What will happen is it will force a logout and you'll have to log back in to resume where you left off. In most cases, Ricochet will fire back up exactly where you left off.

2. Connection errors.

This is significantly less common and only occurs if you have a program or something running in the background on your computer that could interfere with your internet connection.

Typically this is caused by VPNs (virtual private networks) or miscellaneous Chrome extensions. When using Ricochet, we strongly recommend you use a native internet connection and not a VPN. In regards to Chrome extensions, the ones we see causing the most problems are from gambling and gaming websites. The best solution is to separate your store computer use from your personal computer use and to avoid any malicious downloads.

Naturally, if you are still having serious connection issues (on Ricochet and general internet use), it is best to reach out to your internet service provider for support.

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