Just like any other online platform, you can log in and out of Ricochet as you please.

Why and when you should log out:

The only reason you should really need to log out of Ricochet is when somebody else is going to use Ricochet on the same device and you want to track sales performance per employee.

Each user in Ricochet has their own sales data tracked within the system. But, if it doesn't matter to you who uses the system, then it's easy just to create a single employee login. We have an article on how to switch users as well.

It also is a generally good idea to log out of any accounts at the end of the business day. We typically run updates to the software overnight, and that will force you to log out, but it makes your routine more consistent and reliable if you log in each morning, and log out each evening.

How to log out:

From anywhere in Ricochet, click the person icon on the bottom of the menu. From there, there is a blue "Log Out" button that will log you out and automatically navigate you to the log in screen.

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