The following types of receipt printers are compatible for using Ricochet on an iPad:

Star TSP LAN (Wired Network)

Star TSP Bluetooth

Star TSP Wireless

How to connect your receipt printer to your iPad:


  • Follow the steps to make sure your receipt printer is connected and available on your network.

  • If your receipt printer is Bluetooth, follow the Bluetooth instructions and make sure it is connected to your iPad.


  • From the Apple App Store, download Ricochet POS

  • Within Ricochet on your iPad,

    1. Click Preferences

    2. Click Mobile

    3. Click Find Printers

    4. Star TSP will appear and the app will automatically connect.

    NOTE: If you have multiple wireless printers, it will attempt to connect to the closest one first.

  • Two additional settings options:

    1. Open the cash drawer automatically.

    2. Always print a receipt upon completion of a sale.

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