Ricochet for iPad currently supports 3 versions of the TSP-100 receipt printer.

If you've been using Ricochet on a laptop or computer in the past, you may already have a compatible receipt printer.

In order for Ricochet to print receipts from an iPad, you must have a wireless form of the Star TSP-100. This includes the LAN (hardwired into your network), WiFi (wirelessly connected to your network), or the Bluetooth versions of the receipt printer.

How to connect your receipt printer to your iPad:

  1. Follow the steps to make sure your receipt printer is connected and available on your network of via Bluetooth.
  • If your receipt printer is Bluetooth, follow the Bluetooth instructions and make sure it is connected to your iPad.

2. Within Ricochet on your iPad, navigate to Settings > Mobile

3. Click on the "Find Printers" button.

4. The receipt printer will appear and the app will automatically connect it. If you have multiple wireless printers, it will attempt to connect to the closest one first.

5. You can now opt for two additional settings to open the cash drawer automatically or always print a receipt upon completion of a sale.

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