NOTE: Currently, Ricochet for iPad is only compatible with the Zebra ZD-410 Bluetooth printer. Support for additional printers is in development.

To Connect Your Zebra ZD410 Printer with your iPad:

On the iPad,

  1. Download the Ricochet POS app from the Apple App Store

  2. Go to General Settings

  3. Go to Bluetooth

  4. Make sure Bluetooth is toggled ON


  5. Plug in Zebra ZD410 label printer

  6. Power ON Zebra ZD410 label printer

  7. Press and hold the middle button between the || and X buttons on the label printer for about 5 seconds. This will make the label printer enter "Discovery Mode." NOTE: A small green folder and arrow icon will be flashing green.

    On the iPad,

  8. Select Zebra ZD410 (it should appear as an option for Bluetooth pairing) to connect with your iPad

  9. Open Ricochet App

  10. Click Preferences

  11. Click Mobile

  12. Input the Zebra's serial number into the box. (You can find the printers serial number on the bottom of the printer.)

  13. The field automatically saves when filled.

  14. Test print a label to confirm it is working. If not, repeat the steps as necessary.

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