While most Bluetooth scanners will work just fine with Ricochet for iPad, we strongly recommend stores to use the Socket Mobile scanner on our website.

Barcode scanners work by emulating a keyboard. So when you are scanning a barcode into your computer, it is essentially just typing a bunch of characters at once.

Because iPads also have an on-screen keyboard, a standard budget Bluetooth scanner will either trigger or not allow the on screen keyboard. If this is the case, you won't be able to type on your iPad, thus not allowing you to enter customer information at the point-of-sale.

To connect the Socket Mobile to your iPad:

1. Press and hold the small power button until the LED turns blue and the device beeps twice.

2. Set the device into iOS mode. In the factory manual, scan the iOS mode to prepare it for connecting to an iPad.

3. Navigate to you iPad's Bluetooth settings. With Bluetooth turned on, tap the Socket Mobile's name to connect it.

4. Test the device in Ricochet. In the Ricochet app, go to the POS and try scanning in a barcode.

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