This will apply to most iPads and most Bluetooth devices.

Keep in mind, in most cases, a Bluetooth device can only connect to one iPad at a time. Bluetooth devices are not recommended with a function needs to be shared among many devices simultaneously.

With Ricochet, we recommend having a Bluetooth keyboard alongside your iPad. This is a simple walk through on how to get started.

Connecting a Bluetooth Device to your iPad:

1. On your Bluetooth device, follow the instruction manual, turn the device on, and make sure it is set to "discoverable." This will allow your iPad to communicate with the device.
2. On your iPad, navigate to your Settings app.
3. Tap on the Bluetooth settings section.
4. Toggle Bluetooth to be on, if it is not already. Your iPad should now be searching, and see your Bluetooth device.
5. Tap the correct device when it's name appears.
6. Verify that the device is connected by testing it's primary function. For example, with a keyboard, go into any application and try typing with it. If it doesn't work, repeat the steps to reconnect it.

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