When connecting a wireless DYMO label printer to your computer for the first time, there are additional steps you must take before you can go about adjusting the printing dimensions and other settings.

Fortunately, DYMO has published a great video on this topic. We also cover it step-by-step below.

NOTE: You do not have to install the DYMO software. The relevant parts of the video for our purposes are only to the 3:00 min.

Steps to set up your wireless printer:

  1. Turn the printer on. The blue power indicator should be steady and on.

  2. On the bottom of your printer, there is a sticker with letters "SSID:" and a series of numbers and letters following.

  3. This is going to be the name of the network we want to connect to your computer to.

  4. Go to the computer or laptop you are using and click on the WiFi icon. Just as if you are going to connect to a new WiFi network. Listed in the available networks should be the SSID at the bottom of your printer.

  5. Connect to that network.

  6. You are now connected solely to your printer's network. So your internet will not work on your laptop while we are finishing this process.

  7. Open up your preferred internet browser and navigate to the URL

  8. A blue DYMO login screen should appear.

  9. Enter the credentials "admin" and "admin" for the username and password.

  10. At this point should be logged in and able to rename the printer if you would like.

  11. Select DHCP as your connection format.

  12. Then connect the printer to the preferred network at your store.

  13. If your network has a password, enter it in next.

  14. Your printer is now connected to your wireless network and ready for final setup and preferences.

  15. Note that you will need to set your computer's WiFi back to your preferred network to regain internet access as normal.

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