Retail and Consigned products behave very differently within Ricochet.

Simply put, consigned products have a consignor and split associated with them.

Retail products can have a supplier and product cost attached instead.

While not necessary to track, managing your suppliers can streamline your inventory operations, organize your data, and make ordering new products much easier.

Once you have the details saved, this makes it much easier to contact for reorders, send invoices, etc.

To Create A New Supplier

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Suppliers

  2. Click "New Supplier" to create a new account. Or click the gray Edit icon next to the supplier you with to update.

  3. Enter in as many relevant details as you can. You can also add notes if you want to write down anything unique about this supplier such as what products you buy from them, or if you had something you wanted to email them about.

  4. Click "Update" to save.

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