Natively within Ricochet, we include basic shipping options to help stores get started. That means that you can always use the basic FedEx and USPS connections to create live shipping rates for your customers on your website.

The ShipStation integration expands Ricochet's native functionality in a few ways.

  1. Print shipping labels directly from the Ricochet Order Management dashboard.

  2. Live shipping rates with USPS and other carriers.

  3. International shipping options to Canada and Mexico

  4. Email tracking codes to your customers after you ship out a product.

We're going to break down this article into multiple sections to cover the entirety of the integration. This article covers the basics of connecting your ShipStation account with Ricochet.

Connecting Ricochet with ShipStation

  1. Log In to your ShipStation account.

  2. Click the Settings Icon ⚙️ in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. From the main navigation, click "Account" and then click "API Settings."

  4. From there you will see two keys called "API Key" and "Secret" you will need to individually copy and past these.

  5. Open up Ricochet in a new tab and navigate to Preferences > Integrations

  6. In the Shipstation tab, copy and paste your API keys.

  7. Click "Save" once the keys are entered.

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