Once your store's connection is confirmed between Ricochet and ShipStation, you must next determine which shipping carriers and options you would like to support in your online store.


You will need to create business accounts for any carriers your wish to connect with ShipStation. It's best to do this before moving forward.

Best Practices:

It's best to reduce the number of shipping options to as few as possible. This will make it much easier for your customers to manage when they are buying products online. Ideally, you should just offer 1 option, for example, USPS Priority.

By removing all other shipping carriers, it will make managing your shipping significantly easier. The possible downside would be that you and your customers might be missing out on slightly cheaper options. It's a good idea to look at your catalog, and try out various shipping carrier options on your own and see which one is cheapest, then just go with that one for everything you sell.

To Configure Your Shipping Carriers in Shipstation

  1. Log In to your ShipStation account and click the settings ⚙️ icon in the upper right-hand corner.

  2. Click "Carriers & Fulfillment" from the navigation.

  3. Click the blue "Add a Provider Account"

  4. Select your desired carrier from the list and click "Connect."

  5. You may have to agree to a user agreement for your desired carrier.

  6. Log in or enter as many business details as possible.

  7. Once connected, you will be able to select what services to opt-in for each carrier.

  8. Click the services and check or un-check which ones you would like to offer.

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