Currently within Ricochet, there are three different labels sizes available depending on the type of item and what kind of information you would like to display.

2.25" X 1.25" (Standard)

1.5" X 1.5" (Small)

0.47" x 2.13" (2-up Jewelry)

To navigate to label customization:

  1. Navigate to Preferences > Product

  2. Click on the "Labels" tab

  3. If you make any changes, be sure to click "Save" to confirm them.

Note that if you change the Default label, this is just changing the default within Ricochet. Your print preview within Chrome will still default to the Standard 2.25" X 1.25" label. Our team is more than happy to change that for you as well if needed.

The Standard 2.25" X 1.25" label size is the most configurable and offers the most areas for text. You can see in the image below that you have a series of options to choose from.

In the first column, you can choose any of the three primary pieces of information.

The second and third columns let you pick one option for each.

The other label sizes do not offer any customization.

The small 1.5" X 1.5" Will include the Barcode, SKU, and the item name.

The jewelry labels are printed in pairs, without a barcode because it is too small to scan. You can always enter the product SKU at the POS for adding the item to a sale.

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