One of the most unique features of the Ricochet Web store is the ability to use the various store credits as tender types online.

Because the Ricochet Web Store is fully connected to your in-store POS, all of your customer's and consignor's account data is fully synced up regardless of where you are purchasing items. That means that anybody that has earned rewards or credit with your store can use that to purchase items both in-store and online.

Note that your store must be connected with our merchant service partner, Gravity Payments in order to run online sales using any type of store credit. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to sign up with Gravity.

There are two basic interfaces we will cover to make this happen.

  1. The admin interface in Ricochet

  2. The checkout process online as a customer

To set up consignor credit as a valid online tender type:

  1. Navigate to Online Store > Settings

  2. In the first section are your payment preferences. You will see a group of toggles to turn on and off various tender types.

  3. Turn on any tender types you would like to accept online. If you turn all of them off, your store will be in a "catalog only" format where your visitors can browse and view your inventory but not make purchases online.

  4. Once you toggle any tender types on, your changes will be saved automatically.

To use consignor credit at the online checkout:

1. Browse and add items to your online cart as normal.

2. Make sure the customer is logged in. You can do this at any point while shopping or at the checkout process. There are a few places you can do this at the checkout.

3. Once the customer is logged in, any available credit they have in their account will be displayed. Click "Apply" to any of the available options. Note that it will use all of the available credit that it can. For example, if you have a $10.00 item and $20.00 of credit, $10.00 of credit will be applied.

4. Once you apply a credit, you will see the balance applied at the bottom of the screen in the order summary.

5. Finalize and finish the order as normal. The customer will receive an emailed receipt with their chosen tender type displayed.

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