Ricochet allows you to upload consignor, customer, and consigned or retail inventory. Note first,

  1. You must use the templates provided by Ricochet.

  2. There will be separate templates for Accounts and Inventory. All templates are listed below.

  3. Retail products can be uploaded with variants, however, consigned items with variants cannot be uploaded

  4. You can bulk upload account information (consignors and/or customers) but you will need to add inventory on a per account basis.

  5. If a mistake gets made in an import, you will need to manually delete any information added.

  6. Accounts with duplicate emails or items with duplicate SKUs will not be able to be uploaded. All duplicates will be emailed to the User after the import.

  7. This tool cannot be used to update item quantities in bulk.

Template Lists

  1. Consignors / Customers

  2. Consigned Inventory

  3. Retail Inventory

  4. Retail Inventory with Variants

  5. Retail by Supplier Inventory

  6. Retail by Supplier Inventory with Variants

Uploading Consignors

Go to Accounts > Consignors > Click More > Click Import - Choose to include your list of Consignors in your Customers List.

  • If you have another list for your customers, then repeat the same steps in the Customers section.

  • If you are adding in addresses be certain to add the entire address, including State and Zip. The system will need all address fields filled out to import the address successfully. This is also the same for customers.

Uploading Consigned Items

Once your Consignors have been uploaded, access the first Consignors account > Click Inventory tab > Click More > and Click Import.

  • Consignor Inventory will need to be displayed on its own individual CSV file.

  • All of the consignors inventory will use the default split attached to the consignor account.

  • If there are any categories or brands that are a part of the CSV file that have not already been previously added into Ricochet, then they will be automatically added to the system.

Vendors Uploading Inventory

  • If Is Vendor is toggled ON in a consignors account, then they will be able to upload inventory by clicking the More button from the Vendors Inventory tab.

  • They will need to use the Consigned Inventory Template

Uploading Retail Items

Go to Products > Click More > Click Import.

  • If you have not added Suppliers before doing your Retail Import, then Suppliers will be created in the Suppliers list.

  • When Suppliers are created you can upload their inventory directly to the Supplier Account.

Go to Accounts > Supplier > Access the Supplier Account > go to their Inventory Tab > Click More > Import.

Uploading Retail Items

Go to Products > Click More > Click Import.

  • The Store Inventory with Variants Template with have additional fields

    • Unique Variant ID: a number that is unique to that item and all its variants. This number tells the software to group all of these items together.

    • Variant One Title: The Title of the variant list that the import tool can use to either find a preexisting variant list or to title a new variant list.

    • Variant Value: The unique variant attached to that item, like size or color.

  • If you have another variant attached to these items then you can follow the same steps with Variant Two Title and Variant Two Values.

  • All of these fields will need to be filled out to upload items with variants. We suggest manually entering items with variants into Ricochet unless coming from a previous retail software.

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