Adding items online is simple and will only require a few additional fields:

Category, Weight, at least one Photo and toggle Show Online ON.

In Ricochet,

  1. Click Products

  2. Check the box to the left of the item you'd like added to your webstore

    (Click New Item if adding a new product to inventory)

  3. Click the Edit Pencil icon (to the right of the selected item) to open the editor.

  4. Under Item Details, select a Category for the item from the dropdown list

    (if you have not yet created categories, click here to learn how)

  5. Under Pricing & Inventory, enter the Weight of the item

  6. Upload Photo(s) (click here for photo best practices)

    1. Arrange your photos from left to right in the order you would like them shown on the item page.

  7. Under Online Store & Shipping, toggle the Show Online ON

  8. Click Save.

Watch Adding Items Online to learn more and review the layout of an item page.

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