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Product Grouping Online

Group Product ID offers the ability to group similar products on the online store that might have small variations.

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This feature was primarily built for shoe consignment stores that have consignors bringing in the same items, but with small differences like size or color. While you can still use variants within Ricochet, this Group Product ID will allow you to consolidate those products online.

To group items in Ricochet,

  1. Click Products

  2. Find an item needing grouped

  3. Click the Edit Pencil to the far right

  4. Scroll to the bottom, enter a Group Product ID


    • Keep the Group Product ID short by using a style type or model number

      (Typically a serial number, often found on the tongue of a shoe)

    • Avoid special characters.

  5. Save


    • Refresh the online page to view changes.

    • The primary image shown online will be whichever item was entered into inventory first. If that item sells, the item entered second becomes primary.

      • You should see one image with a price range for the items available.

        • Click into the group to see individual listings

        • Choose a listing to see that items' specific page

    Repeat these steps for all items needing placed in the same group.

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