In the Ricochet POS, all sales can be suspended or held if needed. There is no time limit or capacity to held sales. They can be retrieved whenever. Items on held sales, however, may not be added to other transactions. So if you know you have an item in stock, but it is not pulling up in your inventory search, make sure it's not being stored on a held sale.

Note that there are two hold buttons. The orange one at the top of the screen retrieves held sales. The second, located at the bottom of the POS near the 'Finish' button, is what suspends a new sale.

To suspend or hold a sale:

  1. From the POS screen enter items as normal.
  2. Click the white 'Hold' button.
  3. The current sale has now been suspended and a new sale is ready to go.
  4. To retrieve the held sale, click the orange 'Hold' button from the POS screen.
  5. Find the sale you would like to retrieve and click the 'Edit' icon.
  6. That sale is now retrieved and ready to have more items added, cleared, or finished.
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