With Ricochet, every single store gets Consignor Login built-in by default. There is no setup or process needed to begin using the consignor login.

If you are a consignor and have lost your password or can't log in, contact your store for help before reaching out to Ricochet. In most cases, the store can simply give you a temporary password and fix your issue.

Additionally, common Consignor Login issues can include and outdated browser or operating system, and an outdated computer or device, or a bad internet connection.

How Consignor Login Works

This gives the ability for any consignor to log in and access their account to view their current inventory, pending payouts, payout history, and update their contact information. These consignors will not be able to add or edit their inventory, they will simply be able to view the details. If you want them to be able to add their own inventory, use the Is Vendor feature. When a user is also a vendor, they will be allowed to add in their own inventory.

Setting Up A Consignor Account For The First Time

To activate Consignor Login for any consignor, the only requirement is that they have a valid username and password in their account details.

However, it is a best practice to also include their email. The reason being that if the consignor ever forgets their email, they can reset it themselves from the "Forget Password" link at login.

Creating a Consignor's Temporary Password

Generally, when creating a new consignor we recommend you use their phone number as their password. This gives the consignor something easy to remember, and then they can change it to whatever they want after they have logged in.

Logging In As A Consignor

The only thing consignors need to log in is their username and password. Once they have that, they simply go to Ricoconsign.com/login or directly to your store’s unique Ricochet URL (https://yourstore.ricoconsign.com/login) and enter their username and password.

If your consignors don't have login credentials, you can create them with the following steps:

  1. Go to the consignor account list. Accounts > Consignors.

  2. Find the consignor you wish to give login access to and click the “Edit” icon.

  3. Create or edit the username and password fields. We recommend using that consignor’s phone number as their temporary password.

  4. Click “Update”.

Direct the consignor to your store’s unique Ricochet URL (https://yourstore.ricoconsign.com/login) where they can enter those new credentials and view any inventory or payouts they may have with your store.

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