Ricochet offers a Vendor User Role that allows your vendors to log in from anywhere and add in their own inventory. They only have access to their own account, and can add prices to their own items and print labels. They do not have the ability to change splits or conduct payouts. 

In order to set up vendor login, a consignor account must be created for them first.

Once a consignor account is created, you can add them as a vendor by:

  1. Go to Accounts > Consignors.

  2. Find the appropriate consignor and click the gray “Edit” icon.

  3. If they do not have a username and password, create one now. We recommend their phone number as their initial temporary password. The consignor will get an email upon submission where they can change their password on their own.

  4. Toggle the “Is Vendor” status icon to “Yes.”

  5. Click “Update."

  6. Now, the vendor can log in to Ricochet by going to ricoconsign.com/login or directly to your store's unique URL (https://www.yourstore.ricoconsign.com) where they can now log in with the username and password you assigned to them.

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