In Ricochet, we differentiate traditional retail products from consigned products.

Retail products, as expected, don't have splits or auto-discounts applied to them. Instead, they have additional fields for Supplier and Supplier ID number.

Consigned products must be entered into Ricochet through a consignor account.

The reason we do this is to streamline operations and create distinctive processes when adding retail or consigned inventory to the system. Additionally, most consignment stores add products in rapid succession for a single consignor at a time. This can help save time by adding a consignor's entire inventory vs bouncing back and forth between various consignors.

To add consigned inventory in Ricochet, you must first have the consignor in your system. So if you are consigning new items for a new consignor, add that consignor first.

To add items directly to a consignor's account:

  1. Click “Accounts” from the main navigational menu.

  2. Click “Consignors."

  3. Click the gray "+" icon for the appropriate consignor. You can also navigate to the "Inventory" tab when viewing a consignor's account details.

  4. Enter as much product information as possible. The only required fields are Price and Name.

  5. Click "Save."

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