Sometimes it can be more efficient to find a product from the individual consignor inventory, rather than look for it in your overall Products inventory.

  • NOTE:

    • If you are editing the split of an item after a payout has been conducted, you'll need to reverse the payout, make changes to the item, and then redo the payout for that item.

    • If you are editing an item that has been sold but not paid out to the consignor, all pending payout records and sales records will be adjusted accordingly. This includes pricing and splits.

    • If your product is still on the sales floor and you make changes to it, you might also want to reprint the label for that product.

To edit a product from an individual consignor's account:

  1. Click Accounts

  2. Click Consignors

  3. Find the consignor that has the product(s) you're looking for

    1. Click the edit pencil icon to the right

  4. From the consignor edit page, click the 'Inventory' tab

  5. Find the item you wish to edit

    1. Click the edit pencil icon to the right

  6. Update the item details you wish to change

  7. Click Save

To change the consignor an item is linked to,

  1. Follow the above steps, and where the consignor name field is,

  2. Delete the existing name

  3. Type the new consignor's name

  4. Click Save

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