It is not unusual for a payout to have an error. A check could bounce, a consignor's bank information could be incorrect, and much more.

If you need to reprint a check to a consignor, reversing and re-running a payout is the most effective way to do so.

To reverse a payout in Ricochet:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Payout History

  2. Select a date range for the payout you would like to reverse. It doesn't need to be perfectly accurate, so if you think the payout was a couple of weeks ago, you can select a wide date range to make sure you find the payout you're looking for.

  3. You can expand or shrink any payouts to see their details.

  4. Once you find the payout you're looking for, expand it for details, and click the red trashcan icon. An alert will pop up telling you that you're about to reverse a payout.

  5. Now you can go back to conducting the payout as normal and all of the owed data will be restored.

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