Every once in a while, mistakes are made, and you need to recover something in the software. Fortunately, payouts can be reversed in Ricochet and bills can be deleted in QuickBooks.

The key is to make sure you have both reversed a payout in Ricochet, and removed the corresponding bills in QuickBooks.

  1. Reverse a payout like normal in Ricochet. This will remove any of the errors you have made and return those consignors to their unposted status for you to post a new payout with.

  2. Once the payouts have been reversed in Ricochet, log into your QuickBooks account find your bills in the Expenses > Vendors tab. You will have to go through each individual payout you want to reverse and remove them from QuickBooks.

Once you fix the errors you made, conduct a new payout in Ricochet, and synchronize it with QuickBooks, everything will be back up to date.

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