Once inventory items have been entered in Ricochet, you can always go back and update them at any time. All you need to do is find the product you wish to make changes to. Remember that you can search for a product from your store's inventory page or from a consignor's profile. 

Remember that if your product is still on the sales floor and you make changes to it, you might also want to reprint the label for that product.

If you're changing details for an item that has been sold but not paid out to the consignor, all pending payout records and sales records will be adjusted accordingly. This includes pricing and splits.

If you are editing the split of an item after a payout has been conducted, you'll need to reverse the payout, make changes to the item, and then redo the payout for that item.

To edit any products in your inventory:

  1. Find the product you would like in either a consignor's inventory (Accounts > Consignors > Inventory) or your store's inventory (products).

  2. Find the item you wish to make changes to and select the gray 'Edit' icon. Note that you can only edit one item at a time.

  3. Edit the information that needs updating and click 'Save.' 

  4. Keep in mind that if you have updated any critical information such as a price, you'll need to reprint the label to reflect the changes.

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