Getting started with QuickBooks in Ricochet is a simple process, but requires a few preliminary steps .

  1. Connecting QuickBooks with Ricochet provides excellent value by automatically posting and synchronizing your payouts. Prior to this capability, stores would have to manually enter in every single consignor and payout to QuickBooks to accurately track their accounting.

With the two platforms connected, QuickBooks will automatically enter your payouts to each consignor as you post them to the Vendor Expenses sheet. It will also add any new consignors you enter.

Depending on the frequency and size of your payouts, this connection could save you dozens of hours each month.

2. Connecting with Ricochet requires an online QuickBooks account. If you have been using an older, installed version of QuickBooks, it will not connect with Ricochet.

3. Before connecting QuickBooks to Ricochet, be sure you have a few things in order.

  • Have you QuickBooks login email and password.

  • Make sure your consignors have an email address assigned to their account in Ricochet and in QuickBooks. Connecting with QuickBooks will work fine without one, but the email field is the identifying connector between the two platforms. Meaning, that is how you avoid duplicating vendors. So if you make multiple payouts to one Jane Smith, but she doesn't have an email assigned, QuickBooks will create a new vendor, assuming that they are different people.

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