Please review our quick start guide on connecting QuickBooks with Ricochet before proceeding.

Keep in mind you also must be using QuickBooks Online Essentials or a higher tier. This is the first subscription level that includes billing and vendors.

To connect QuickBooks with Ricochet:

  1. In Ricochet, navigate to Preferences > Integrations > QuickBooks

  2. If your account is not connected, a red status bar will appear.

  3. Click the green "Connect to QuickBooks" button.

  4. Enter your QuickBooks login information.

  5. If you have not set up payments with QuickBooks, Quickbooks will request that you do so. It will require your bank account and routing information. Complete that form to continue.

  6. Once connected, select "Synchronize Consignors With QuickBooks Vendors."'

Depending on the size of your consignor list, this process could take several minutes. In the meantime, you can still use Ricochet as normal. No need to stay on that page.

If, for some reason, you are noticing that the connection doesn't work, disconnect and reconnect the integration.

You have the option to create new vendors if there is no email identified. Note that this will create new vendors if selected, whether or not they already exist within Ricochet.

You only need to do this function once. After the connection is completed, Ricochet will communicate new vendors and payouts with QuickBooks in real-time.

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