Keeping your accounting on track can be kind of confusing, but with Ricochet connected to QuickBooks, this could save your store a lot of pain and frustration.

To make things simple, we suggest just sticking to one solid rule: Every single time you post a payout in Ricochet, make sure you also post it to QuickBooks.

This will make sure that the two platforms are always in agreement and there is never any confusion about whether or not you have fulfilled a payout. 

Where exactly do my payouts go in QuickBooks?

When synced, all payouts will go to your Vendors > Expenses tab. Just like a normal vendor, your consignors are added every time you pay out a new consignor. This is why it's important to make sure your consignors have email addressessin Ricochet. If an email address is not present, QuickBooks will automatically create a new vendor whether or not that vendor has been used before.

You can print checks within Ricochet, or just post the payouts and then print the checks through QuickBooks or manually. It's completely up to you.

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